Conscious Communication in Relationships

taught by Ross Tayler

Course description

This 90 + minute course focuses on giving you concrete tools that will bring ease and shift you towards conscious communication in your relationships. There are 8 concepts / perspectives and 5 powerful skills which can be immediately put into practice in your relationships.

Ross Tayler
Ross Tayler
Co-Active Coach

Ross Tayler is a Co-Active Coach living in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia, Canada and has been actively coaching since 2006.

A simple life is possible when we are at peace with ourselves. Your story of separation from yourself, others and your world is waiting to be rewritten. There can be a gap between your soul's deep inner knowing of self and your everyday experiences. Living in this gap can be uncomfortable, painful and difficult to reconcile. It brings me great joy to share with you, that with some support, tools and awareness you can Reclaim Your Wholeness and begin to Live Simply. That which you are searching and longing for is already there, inside you waiting to be revealed.